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Best Vacuum & Dust Collector Accessories

Best Choice No. 1
POWERTEC 70282 4-Inch Dust Collection Hose Floor Sweep Accessories Kit
  • ACCESSORY KIT: Dust Collection Floor Sweep, 4”x36” Clear Dust Pipe, Removable Grate, Quick Connect Coupler and Handle Assembly (dust hose not included)
  • FUNCTION: Floor sweep attachment, dust collector pipe and fittings quickly eliminates saw dust, small woodchips and other debris from your workshop floor for a cleaner and safer working environment
  • COMPATIBLE: This versatile assortment of dust collection fittings possess a 4” nominal (ID or OD), a perfect fit for any standard 4-inch flexible dust collection hose
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN: Adjustable handle easily allows you to position your grip and angle the floor sweeper to accomodate your specific project and space requirements
  • MOUNTING: Includes (1) mounting bracket and (2) #8 pan head wood screws
Best Choice No. 2
DCT Dust Collector Accessories Kit – 1.25in x 10ft Vacuum Hose, Dust Collection Fittings, and Vacuum Reducer
  • ENHANCE DUST COLLECTOR EFFICIENCY: Create a vacuum system with the DCT | Woodworking Dust Collection 1.25” x 10’ Dust Hose with Fittings & Reducers and use to collect shavings and dust from your woodworking power tools; Use as the last stage from your dust collector to your tool with 2.5-inch (6.4cm) ports with 1.5-inch (3.8cm) accessories; Shopvac hose pairs with dust extractors and dust collection systems (not included) to prevent dust buildup
  • PERFECT SIZE: 1.25-inch (3.2cm) outside diameter (OD) and 1-inch (2.5cm) inside diameter (ID) with a 1.2-inch (3cm) OD and 1-inch (2.5cm) ID small end fitting, 1.75-inch (4.4cm) OD and 1.5-inch (3.8cm) ID large end fitting, and 2.5” x 1.5” inch (6.4cm x 3.8cm) reducers to fit your attachments (measure application to ensure fitment); 10-foot (3m) long vacuum hose for ample room to reach your equipment; Small diameter for flexibility and maneuverability; Ribbing offers secure handling grip
  • LET THE MAGIC HAPPEN: Included fittings screw into each end of the shop vacuum hose and fit snugly with the fittings on your existing power tools; The small end of the dust collection pipe is ideal for connecting a random orbital sander, palm sander, biscuit joiner, or any other power tool with small dust collection ports – Check the inner and outer (ID and OD) diameter of your vacuum ports and power tool ports
  • VARIOUS APPLICATIONS: Designed to carry away sawdust, powder, wood chips, saw tailings, and fume ventilation from your woodworking equipment; Flexible construction and tight bending radius allow you to maneuver and position the flexible vacuum hose anywhere in your shop without worrying about kinks; Works with most routers, saws, miter saws, or any other small power tool connections (measure for exact fitment)
  • BUILT TO LAST: Flexible dust collection hose constructed from ABS plastic with ribbing for maximum strength and longevity; Durable enough to not collapse under the pressure of your dust collector equipment while still remaining flexible; Includes rubber fittings that attach on both ends along with plastic reducers for your convenience
Best Choice No. 3
Cyclone Dust Collector Dust Separator Dust Collection Shop Vac Accessories (White)
  • PROFESSIONAL SYSTEMS – Suitable for industrial extractor dust collector, for CNC machining, machinery, textile, commercial, workshops, wood working, construction, etc …
  • HIGH QUALITY CYCLONE DUST COLLECTOR – Made of high quality PP material, high temperature resistant, clogging-free, extend the service life of vacuum pump.
  • HIGH EFFICIENCY – Average productivity increase from 80% to 95%, The larger the dust particles, the higher the collection rate, tight sealing must be ensured during installation.
  • WIDELY USE – Suitable for most brands of vacuum sweeper and dust collector, sweeps dust, wood chips, hair, concrete particles, debris and so on.
  • SPECIFICATIONS – Dimensions: 13.3×8.3×7(in), Inlet and outlet Inner diameter: 1.97”/50mm, external diameter: 2.17″/55mm. Coupling Inner diameter:1.78″/45mm, external diameter: 1.97”/50mm. Color: white
Best Choice No. 4
POWERTEC 70108 4-Inch Blast Gate for Dust Collector/Vacuum Fittings
  • Includes: 4” Blast Gate; Both ends have 4” OD outlet diameters and are designed to work with 4” ID dust hoses or other 4” ID ports
  • Specifications: Accepts 4” ID dust hose, port or vacuum fitting; 4″ Nominal end measures 3-61/64” O.D. and 3-3/4” I.D
  • Compatibility: Will not connect directly to other 4” OD ports; please confirm that the actual listed size fits your application before ordering. If connecting to a 4” OD port, a Flex Cuff or similar device will be required
  • Function: Maximizes the efficiency of your dust collection system by directing and regulating the air flow from one machine to another
  • Quality: Made with premium black ABS plastic, this unit was designed for durability and is abrasion resistant – able to withstand daily wear & tear from dirt, sawdust and woodchips
SaleBest Choice No. 5
POWERTEC 70122 Big Gulp Dust Hood
  • Easy solution for catching sawdust
  • Outlet: 4-Inch for hose or pipe
  • Tough, durable ABS plastic material
  • 4-Inch nominal end measures 3-31/32-Inch O.D. and 3-47/64-Inch I.D.
  • Opening measures: 13-Inch by 16-Inch
Best Choice No. 6
Dust Collection Cone Reducer 4-Inch to 2 1/2-Inch plus 5 Vacuum Hose Adapters Fits 1 1/16 to 1 3/4 inches Includes Shop Vac Adapter 2 1/2 to 1 1/4 inch and 1 Rubber Reducer
  • Dust Collector Accessories – Included is 6 different dust collection fittings for woodworking dust collection, vac adapters, vacuum hose adapters. Several for a small dust collection system. Details in photos.
  • Connect 4” ID flexible dust collection hose to 2-1/2” ID flexible dust collection hose. Durable ABS plastic. NOTE: This cone reducer is designed to work with 4” and 2-1/2” hoses – It is NOT intended to fit or accommodate a 2.5 inch OD or 4 inch OD dust collection equipment port directly
  • Useful adapter that allows you to step down from your larger 4 dust collection hose to a smaller 2.5 inch shop vac dust collector hose branch line.
  • Aslo, a shop vac hose adapter to go from 2.5 inch to 1.25 in hose and a rubber step adapter for many purposes that goes from 1.06 inches OD to 1.61 inches OD. More details of the other adapters in photos.
  • From 4 inch dust collection hose to 2 1/2 dust collection hose to use with your shop dust collectors for dust control. Also smaller adapters for your shop dust collection system or just to connect your vacuum to an attachment(NOTE- 2 Adapters come already connected together but come apart easily).
SaleBest Choice No. 7
POWERTEC 70143 PVC Dust Collection Hose (4 Inch x 20 Feet) | Flexible Clear Vue Heavy Duty PVC Hose
  • Made from high quality PVC for durability, strength and easy installation
  • Ultra flexible hose reinforced with spring steel wire delivers toughness and maneuverability
  • Perfect for any clear Vue dust collection system – allowing you to monitor dust/ debris separation and vapor/ smoke filtration
  • Ideal for an assortment of sawdust Collectors, air conditioning indoor ventilation ducts and 4” PVC dust collection systems for woodworking applications
  • Includes (one) clear flexible hose – 20 feet long 4″ Diameter
Best Choice No. 8
70201 4-Inch Three-Machine Dust Collection Kit
  • INCLUDES: (2) 45-Degree Elbow Connectors, (2) Y-Fittings, (3) Dust Collector Blast Gates, and (20) 4” Key Hose Clamps
  • APPLICATIONS: An all-in-one set of dust collection fittings and attachments designed to help you create your very own 3-machine dust collection network for your work shop
  • EASY TO USE: All components in this kit allow for a quick and easy assembly, and work well with other 4 inch ID dust collection accessories, couplers, fittings and piping options for full customization
  • PREMIUM: Manufactured with high quality material; the fittings and gates are made with ABS plastic for long-term durability, and the hose clamps are constructed using stainless steel
  • PRO TIP: It is recommended to ground your woodworking dust collection system assembly to eliminate static electricity when employing included fittings and gates
Best Choice No. 9
POWERTEC 70175 Dust Collection Hose with Fittings Plus Two Reducers
  • INCLUDES: (ONE) 10ft dust collection hose, (ONE) 1″ pliable plastic hose fitting, (ONE) 1-1/2″ pliable plastic hose fitting, (ONE) 2-1/4″ ABS dust hose adapter, and (ONE) 2-1/2″ ABS dust hose adapter
  • APPLICATION: Allows you to extend the reach of your shop vacuum or dust collecting power tools with a long, flexible and premium quality vacuum hose that is free roaming and able to suck up dust, dirt and debris
  • VERSATILE: Offers a dust collection power tool hose with fittings that work with most small vacuums, shop dust collection systems, orbital sanders, joiners, jigs and other power tools
  • Compatibility: Fits in vacuum ports that the O.D is 1-1/2″, I.D is 2-1/4″ or 2-1/2″, and connects to the dust extraction ports of power tools that the O.D is 1″
  • DIMENSIONS: Dust collector hose 1-3/16″ O.D x 10ft long | ABS vacuum dust hose adapter 2-1/2″ O.D | ABS vacuum dust hose adapter 2-1/4″ O.D | Small pliable plastic fitting 1″ I.D | Large pliable plastic fitting 1-1/2″ I.D
SaleBest Choice No. 10
POWERTEC 70103 21-Inch Floor Sweep
  • Overall size: 24-Inch width by 3 1/2-Inch height by 7-Inch diameter
  • Flange is 3/4-Inch wide
  • Material thickness: 3/32-Inch
  • Outlet diameter: 4-Inch
  • Weight: 6. 2 oz

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