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Best SCSI Cables

SaleBest Choice No. 1
Monoprice 100741 6-Feet HPDB50 M/CN50 M SCSI Cable 25PR (100741), White
  • Half Pitch D Subminiature (HPDB50) to Regular Centronics Style 50 pin (CN50) SCSI cable
  • 25 Twisted Pairs
  • High quality interconnect cable for SCSI devices
  • Monoprice continually strives to improve its product line to bring our customers the best products available
  • Therefore changes may be made to listed specifications without prior notice.Item received may not match photo or specs shown
Best Choice No. 3
Monoprice 100749 6-Feet HPDB50 M/DB25 M SCSI Cable Molded (100749)
  • Half Pitch D-Subminiature 50 pin (HPDB50) male to D-Subminiature 25 pin (DB25) male SCSI Cable
  • 25 Twisted Pairs
  • Once the standard for high bandwidth throughput connections between mass storage devices SCSI technology evolved to include a vast array of ever improving standards with complex combinations of connection standards
  • SCSI is still widely used on many legacy systems but finding the right type of cable for your system can be difficult
  • Thankfully Monoprice has a wide array of SCSI cables for many of the most popular systems that have come up through the years
Best Choice No. 4
Monoprice 3-Feet CN50 M/M SCSI Cable 19PR D-SHD (100726)
  • Monoprice brings you a wide assortment of classic SCSI (Small Computer System Interface) cables for your legacy storage devices
  • SCSI was once the de facto standard for high performance systems due to it’s faster transfer rates and versatility over the more standard ATA interface
  • Unfortunately do to it’s popularity and failure to standardize on a single connector type a wide variety of cable types exist
  • We carry cables for many of the most popular configurations
  • This cable features 50 pin Centronics CN50 connectors
Best Choice No. 5
Amphenol CS-VHDCIMX200-001 VHDCI SCSI-5 Cable, VHDCI Male to Male,1 m, 3.3′, Black
  • SCSI-5 (VHDCI) 0.8mm 68-pin stackable SCSI cable by Amphenol AIPC
  • 100% double shielded twisted pair design for superior EMI/RFI rejection
  • VHDCI 0.8mm 68-pin male to male die-cast SCSI connectors pre-installed
  • Lead-Free PVC cable jacket with zinc die-cast backshells for durability
Best Choice No. 6
Amphenol CS-VHDCI68H68-002 SCSI-5 VHDCI to SCSI-3 Cable, VHDCI to HD68, 2 m, 6.6′, Black
  • SCSI-5 to SCSI-3 VHDCI adapter cable by Amphenol Interconnect Products
  • 100% double shielded twisted pair design for superior EMI/RFI rejection
  • VHDCI 0.8mm 68-pin (SCSI-5) to HD68 68-pin (SCSI-3) male connectors
  • Stackable VHDCI connector compatible with all VHDCI host bus adapters
Best Choice No. 7
PC Accessories – Connectors Pro 24 Inches 3 Female Connectors IDC 2×25 50P SCSI Internal Flat Ribbon Cable, 24″ SCSI-1 50 Pins
  • 24″ 50P SCSI Cable, 3 female 2×25 50 Pins Connectors
  • Grey flat ribbon cable with 3 of 2×25 50P Black female sockets
  • Individually bagged, Brand New
  • UL 2651 E97252 105 degree C 300W 28 AWG
  • Internal SCSI 50-pin flat ribbon IDC cable 50P–12″–50P–12″–50P
Best Choice No. 8
Pc Accessories – Connectors Pro 3 Feet SCSI-2 HD50 to DB50 HPDB50 to CN50M/M, DB50 Male to HD50 Male 3′ RS232, SCSI Cable, 3-FT
  • SCSI-1 to SCSI-2 External Cable HD DB50 Male to DB50 Male Connectors
  • Length: 3-FT Molded DB50 to HD50 M/M
  • Half Pitch D Subminiature (HPDB50) to Regular D-sub 50 pin SCSI, Mac or Sun cable
Best Choice No. 9
Internal 68 Pin SCSI Ribbon Cable – 5 Device SCSI Cable
  • SCSI 5 devices 68-Pin Ribbon Cable for Ultrawide SCSI Products
  • 7x DB68M Connectors: 5 for Devices, 1 for Controller, 1 for Terminator
  • Terminator NOT included
Best Choice No. 10
3ft DB25 Male to CN50 Male SCSI 25-Conductors Cable, CablesOnline SC-001
  • DB25Pin to 50Pin SCSI Cable (1) DB25 Male
  • (1) Centronics 50-Pin Male Designed with a foil and braided shield overwrapping a twisted-pair construction
  • high quality wire that provides data integrity and maximum immunity to EMI/RFI interference
  • Molded connectors provide strain relief and add additional protection against EMI/RFI interference
  • Length: 3ft

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