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Best Serger Needles

Best Choice No. 1
Schmetz ELX705 Serger Needles, Size 12/80 5/Pkg
  • This package contains five 80/12 needles
  • Consistent quality that produces the perfect stitch every time
  • This needle was designed for use in electronic multi-purpose sergers that do the overlock, cover, safety and mock safety stitches
  • Not suitable for use in normal home sewing machines or embroidery machines
  • Machines should specify ELX705 system
Best Choice No. 2
30 Sewing Needles, ELX705 Serger Needles Portable Serger & Coverstitch Machine Needles(74063)
  • This package contains 3 packs of 10 needles size 11 12 14
  • This needle was designed for use in electronic multi-purpose sergers that do the overlock, cover, safety and mock safety stitches
  • Consistent quality that produces the perfect stitch every time
  • Use in sergers that do the over-lock cover-safety and lock-safety stitches
Best Choice No. 3
Euro-Notions ELX705 Serger Needles -Size 14/90 5/Pkg (74063)
  • Fringe Trims
  • Package height : 3.7 inches
  • Package length : 2.25 inches
  • Package width : 0.15 inches
Best Choice No. 4
Klasse Serger Type E Overlock Size 80/12 Needles 5 Pack
  • Klasse HAX1SP 5 Pack 80/12.
  • 5 German-Engineered Steel Machine Needles. Unlike sewing machines, sergers use different needle types dependent on the serger make and model. The sharp point penetrates all kinds of fabrics. Check sergers instruction manual to find correct needle type.
  • Serger Type E (HAx1SP) This needle is compatible with: Babylock: SL600/700/800, All BL series, Protage 403. Glove: All models. Husky: SL3000 series, 34D. Janome: 100, 200, 300, 400, & 500 series. Toyota: SL3400, SL3403.
Best Choice No. 5
Euro-Notions 1840 ELX705 Serger Needles, Sizes 12/80 (2), 14/90 (3)
  • Euro Notions-ELX705 Serger Needles
  • Designed for use in electronic multipurpose sergers that do the overlock cover safety and mock safety stitches
  • This product is Imported
Best Choice No. 6
Schmetz HAX1SP Special Super Stretch Serger Needles – Assorted Size, 5/Pk.
  • Pack of 5 Schmetz Special Super Stretch Needles – Assorted Size.
  • Schmetz Needle System : HAX1SP
  • Size : 75/11 (2), 90/14 (3)
Best Choice No. 7
20 Organ ELX705 Regular Sharp or Ball Point Flat Shank Portable Serger Coverstitch Needles ~ Multiple Sizes!  (80/12 Sharp)
  • 20 Needles Per Pack
  • This needle is made specifically for chain stitching or cover stitching. It has 2 grooves, a slightly longer scarf and a ball point.
  • If your serger calls for a 15×1 needle and is breaking threads, the 2nd groove on this needle may solve your problem.
  • Needle System : ELX705 (Same as SY2922 & 2022)
Best Choice No. 8
10 ORGAN BLX1 Overlock Serger Sewing Needles Babylock
  • Pack of 10 ORGAN BLX1 Overlock Needles for Home Sergers and Overlock Sewing Machines Including Babylock, Bernette and More.
  • Needle System* : BLX1
  • Round Shank Serger Needles
SaleBest Choice No. 9
Janome Assorted Serger Needles Size 11 and 14
  • Assorted Needle Set HAx1SP
  • 2 Size 11 Needles and 3 Size 14 Needles per pack
  • Use with Janome Models 1110DX, 134D, 204D, 434DR, 634D, 644D, 7034D, 734D, 744D, 9002D, HF3434D, HF504D, HF9102D HF7933
Best Choice No. 10
10Pk. Organ ELX705-SUK Ball Point Portable Serger & Coverstitch Machine Needles
  • Pack of 10 ORGAN ELX705 SUK Ball Point Home Serger & CoverStitch Machine Needles.
  • Needle System : ELX705-SUK Ball Point (Same as SY2922 & 2022)
  • One side of the shank on these needles is flat and the other is round.
  • Lower size numbers are narrower or thinner needles used for lighter materials. Higher size numbers indicate a needle of thicker diameter, used for heavier materials.

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