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Best SCSI Adapters

Best Choice No. 1
PTC SCA 80 Pin to 68 50 Pin SCSI Adapter
  • Converts a SCA 80 Pin Hard Drive Interface to SCSI I/II/III (UW) HD 50/68 Pin Connector
  • Compatible with SCA & SCA-2 80 Pin
  • Jumper setting for 16 SCSI IDs
  • Spindle synchronous; Delay start; Remote start; 4 Pin Power Connector; Status LED connector pins
  • Adapter 80 Pin connector is female
Best Choice No. 2
Micro SATA Cables SCA 80 PIN to 68 50 PIN SCSI Adapter
  • SCA 80PIN TO 68 50 PIN SCSI ADAPTER. SCA 80 female to SCSI HD 50/68 female pin male adapter.
  • Micro SATA Cables PN# SCSI-50-80-ADPT
  • Authentic only if sold by Micro SATA Cables.
  • Categories: Drive Adapters, Drive Converters, SCA 80 to SCSI 50/68 Adapters
Best Choice No. 3
Monoprice 100077 SCSI (HPDB) 68 Male to IDC 50 Male Adapter (100077)
  • Internal SCSI Adapter – Converts 50 Pin to 68 Pin Male to Male.
  • Item received may not match photo or specs shown
  • It is manufactured in China
Best Choice No. 4
External SCSI Adapter, HPDB68 (Half Pitch DB68) Male to HPDB50 (Half Pitch DB50) Female
  • Warranty: Lifetime
  • Converts back and forth between HPDB68 Male Plug and HPDB50 Female Port
  • Designed to convert an HPDB68 connection into an HPDB50 connection
  • External SCSI Adapter
Best Choice No. 5
Monoprice SCSI (HPDB) 68 Female to IDC 50 Female Adapter (100076)
  • The IDC 50 connector is a 50-pin 8-bit SCSI “header” connector used for internal-type ribbon cables
  • It is also known as the “Alterative 2” connector
  • It has parallel 25-pin rows and resembles an older ATA/IDE drive cable except that it is wider and has more pins
  • The HPDB 68 connector is a 68-pin 16-bit SCSI-2 connector used for both internal and external connections (plastic for internal and metal for external)
  • It has parallel 34-pin rows but has the pins much closer together and is therefore narrower than the IDC 50 connector
SaleBest Choice No. 6
Best Choice No. 7
Monoprice 100862 HPDB 68F/HPDB 50M SCSI 3 Adapter (100862)
  • SCSI 2 devices typically use the HPDB50 connector while the wider HPDB68 connector is used for SCSI 3 connections
  • You can connect your SCSI 2 and SCSI 3 devices together using this adapter from Monoprice! This adapter features a female HPDB68 connector for connecting to SCSI 3 devices and a male HPDB50 connector for connecting to SCSI 2 devices
  • The entire adapter is molded
  • The male end includes side clip release latches and side clips for securing the adapter to a panel connector while the female end includes nuts for securing to a line connector
Best Choice No. 8
SF Cable, HPDB50 Female to CN50 Male SCSI 2 Molded Adapter
  • HPDB50 Female to CN50 Male SCSI 2 Molded Adapter
Best Choice No. 9
JXSZ SCSI SCA 80-Pin FemaleTo IDC 50-Pin Male Adapter SCSI 80-50 F-M Card
  • Compatible with SCA & SCA-2 80 pin SCSI devices
  • 80 pin SCA female connector
  • 50 pin IDC male connector
SaleBest Choice No. 10
Monoprice HPDB 50M/DB 25F Adapter (100847)
  • DB25 Parallel to HPDB50 SCSI connector adapter
  • Monoprice continually strives to improve its product line to bring our customers the best products available
  • Therefore changes may be made to listed specifications without prior notice
  • Item received may not match photo or specs shown

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