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Best Reptile & Amphibian Habitat Hideouts

Best Choice No. 1
Aufeeky Reptile Hides and Caves High Simulation Stone Cave Terrarium Décor Reptile Amphibian Habitat Rocks Hideout for Lizard Geckos Snake Spiders Frogs Turtle
  • A hide provides a good hiding and resting place for your reptile companion, making them feel safe and happy. Without a safe area to hide and sleep, reptiles and amphibians can easily become stressed and a hideout can be a good place to provide a place to hide. The realistic rock design also creates a better natural environment
  • Highly simulated cave shape, can decorate pet’s home, and make your pet as if in its natural habitat, enhance its sense of security, can be used in desert, tropical glass container landscaping . Not only does it look good, but its non-sharp design protects the reptile’s health
  • Material: The reptile cave is made of resin, which is harmless to pets
  • Product Size: Outer dimension-7.3 ” x 6.3 ” x 3.9″
  • Suitable for small reptiles or amphibians such as geckos, turtles, lizards, frogs, spiders, chameleons, scorpions, snakes etc
Best Choice No. 2
POPETPOP Reptile Habitat Small Animal Hide Out Pet Cave House Humidification Cave with Basin for Snake Spider Frog Gecko Lizard(Humidifying Style)
  • Crafted in fine workmanship, realistic and delicate, easy to use. It is also great humidifying nest.
  • Suitable for snakes, spiders, etc. Meet all your needs.
  • Beautiful decoration for your home or office, and also a wonderful gift for your friends or families who love reptiles.
  • Home is a warm place, our shelter is the safest and most comfortable harbor.
  • Made of high-quality pp plastic material, environmental-friendly and durable.
Best Choice No. 3
Megawa Reptile Habitat Rock Hide Habitat Decoration Rock Den, Shale Step Sun Terrace, Turtle Platform Ramp, Hideout for Lizards, Small Turtles, Reptiles, Amphibians (A)
  • SIZE- 22X15X8.5CM/8.66”*5.9”*3.34”, The beautiful hand painted details make this hideout a perfect natural-looking addition to your animal’s habitat – It will blend seamlessly with any environment, aquatic or dry. Rock formations that appear realistic inside the terrarium.
  • Reptile Cave is a perfect hideout for your pet. Its all-natural, eco-friendly material helps recreate the look and feel of their natural habitats, making them happier and healthier. Satisfy your pet’s desire to find a place to hide and cool down.
  • No matter what animal you’ve got, they’ll love this Shale Cave…they’ll climb up, over, and around, and use it as a hiding space. Provides and elevated platform for your pet to bask and warm up Non-porous exterior resists bacterial growth.
  • The Shale Cave is designed to mimic natural rocks found in desert environments. It’ll look great in an aquarium, terrarium, and any other kind of habitat that’s home to a small animal. Provide your pet with a home, a hangout, a playground and a hideaway – all in one. They will feel more secure, less stress and stronger immune systems.
  • Foster a greater sense of privacy and security, making pet more confident, better rested.Special color and crafted texture creates realistic rock;Easy to clean with warm, soapy water and rinse. This functional decorative piece provides shelter, hiding spot and a place to rest for your tortoise, turtle, gecko, snake, lizard, bearded dragons, etc.
Best Choice No. 4
Zilla Reptile Habitat Décor Basking Platform Ramp, Small
  • Stepped design that promotes climbing activity
  • Wide, flat top surface that provides an adequate basking area
  • Recreates the look of natural river rock, appropriate for aquatic turtles
  • Attractive and functional décor piece in desert environments such as bearded dragons
  • Easy to clean with warm, soapy water and rinse
Best Choice No. 5
La La Pet Reptile Hide Box Reptile Hideouts Resin Rock Gecko Hides and Caves Lizard Habitat Decor Small Animal Hideaway Basking Platform for Turtle Spiders Frog Amphibians
  • CREATIVE DESIGN: Realistic rock shapes decorated with artificial plants simulate a natural living environment, easily attract reptiles attention. A big front entrance to give an easy access for reptiles to get in or out, smooth corners and sleek surface prevent reptiles from hurting. Can be decorations which has natural look integrates in any type of terrarium
  • COMFORT & PRIVACY: The lizard hides and caves provide a greater sense of privacy and security for reptiles, and the living environment is more comfortable and enjoyable. It makes reptiles more confident and rests better, so it is easier to reproduce. Top basking platform for turtles to climb up and hang out, keeps them active
  • SAFE & DURABLE MATERIAL: This gecko cave is made of high quality resin with no chips or burrs, eco-friendly and natural, odorless and long lasting use, providing a clean and tidy living environment for your pet. And its sturdy design prevents it from being easily tipped over by larger geckos
  • WIDE APPLICATION: Perfect hideouts and caves for all types of tortoises, lizards, gecko, snake, spider, scorpion, chameleon, frog, iguana and other small reptiles. Ideal gift for your families, best friends and colleagues who have reptiles pets
  • SIZE & PACKAGE: Overall size – 9.3 x 5.3 x 3.5 inches/16 x 9.5 x 6.5 cm (L x H x W); Package – 1 x reptile hides and caves (reptile and other decorative items shown in pictures are NOT included)
Best Choice No. 6
Zilla Reptile Habitat Décor Hideouts Stump Den, Medium
  • One accessory for basking, climbing and burrowing
  • Realistic, rustic design is a great compliment to terrestrial or aquatic environment
  • Hand-crafted, natural appearance
  • Non-porous exterior resists bacterial growth
  • Easy to clean with warm, soapy water and rinse
Best Choice No. 7
Zilla Reptile Habitat Décor Shale Rock Den, Medium
  • Rock formations that appear realistic inside the terrarium
  • Satisfies your pet’s desire to find a place to hide and cool down
  • Provides an elevated platform for your pet to bask and warm up
  • Non-porous exterior resists bacterial growth. Easy to clean with warm, soapy water and rinse
  • This is designed for use in an arid or tropical temperature in the terrarium. This is not designed for use in ponds
Best Choice No. 8
Zilla Reptile Habitat Décor Hideouts Bark Bends, Medium
  • Naturalistic appearance of natural wood bark blends in with terrestrial or aquatic environments
  • Satisfies the need for burrowing animals to instinctively dig, find privacy and overhead coverage
  • Set open ends alongside the glass or look through the window at the top to get a fascinating glimpse of activity
  • Non-porous exterior resists bacterial growth
  • Easy to clean with warm, soapy water and rinse
SaleBest Choice No. 9
EXO TERRA Reptile Den
  • Natural look
  • Integrates in any type of terrarium
  • Provides a secure hiding place
  • Prevents stress
  • Very stable
Best Choice No. 10
Hamiledyi Reptile Bendable Wooden Bridge Bearded Dragon Hideout Small Animals Hide Cave Reptile Habitat Accessory for Lizard, Bearded Dragon, Gecko, Chameleon, Snake 4PCS
  • ❤【100% NATURAL SAFE MATERIAL】 The wooden bridge for reptile is made of natural wood sticks and two flexible metal wires, flexible and sturdy. Bendable tunnel hut is safe, reusable. Can be used as a tunnel bridge or ramp for reptile to crawling, sun back, fence ,dodge. The wooden bridge is suitable for Lizard, Bearded Dragon, Gecko, Chameleon, Snake, Tortoise and other small animals.
  • ❤【MEET OUR PET’S NATURAL INSTINCTS】 Provides a fun playground and various climbing opportunities. For pets to hide, sleep, climb and play, which Satisfies burrowing animals’ instinctive need to dig, helps reduce their loneliness and boredom. Encourages exploration exercise limbs force keep them healthy and active, and help them cope with the environment in a fun way.
  • ❤【WOODEN BRIDGE】: The bridge is incredibly flexible and sturdy easily bends to fit a variety of shapes and sizes. It can promote exercise and help to develop coordination and balance skills can also be a shelter your pets will use the bridge as a warm and cozy nest.
  • ❤【REPTILE & AMPHIBIAN HABITAT PLANTS】Reptile plants hanging vines add richness to the decoration of the crawling pet habitat, with leaves twining around the vine to make the decoration more realistic. You can use them create a dynamic full of interesting hidden spots which help to create a natural environment and make your pets feel a sense of being in the wild home.
  • ❤【PACKAGE INCLUDE】1x Wooden bridge, size 11.02*6.69 inches. 1 x vine decor, length is 33.46 inches. 1 x suction cup,1 x leaves decor and 1 x rattan.These vine, rattan and leaves can bring a green and outdoor atmosphere to anything. Creates a dynamic environment that make your pets feeling excited and happy.

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