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Best Fly Line

Best Choice No. 1
Aventik Fly Fishing Lines Weight Forward Floating Fly Line with Exposed Loop Easy Line ID(1pcs-Yellow,8F)
  • Aventik dynamic taper fly fishing line best for beginners and experts, built through pre-treatment and pre-fix of the braided line, ultra-low stretch core provides maximum sensitivity and will connect with more fish than ever.
  • Ultra-low stretch core provides maximum sensitivity and will connect with more fish than ever.
  • Excellent in both freshwater and saltwater. Ideal for cold and medium temperature.
  • Self-lubricated high-tech coating for dependable float-ability, durability, and extreme slickness.
  • Easy line ID system for quick identification of line weight and sinking rate. fly line expose loop for fast line change.
SaleBest Choice No. 2
RIO Products Fly Line Avid Trout Wf5F Pale Yellow, Pale-Yellow
  • Developed with tapers and technology that enhance the fly fishing experience
  • Each line is built on a supple memory-free core, and has a Super slick coating for easy distance. A welded loop on the front end allows anglers to rig easily
  • All fly lines are made with pride in our Idaho Fall facility
Best Choice No. 3
Sougayilang Fly Line 100FT Floating Weight Forward for Fly Fishing
  • Quick and easy. Because of the small diameter of these loops, connections slide easily through the guides without hesitation.
  • The lines float exceptionally high in the water and make line control easy.
  • Braided core for lower memory for any weather conditions.
  • The longer head and bigger diameter make it a dream to cast.
  • Casting distance and keeps the line floating high in the water for better fly presentations.
Best Choice No. 4
KastKing Exergy Fly Fishing Line,Sky,WF4 F,100FT
  • SPECIAL DESIGN – Exergy fly fishing lines are high performance, weight forward, floating lines that deliver long, effortless casts and easy line turnover because of our unique belly design, short front taper and long running line. The lines float exceptionally high in the water and make line control easy.
  • PERFORMANCE – Each Exergy fly fishing line is made with a braided, memory free core and uses our silky smooth, KastKote finish that improves performance, casting distance and keeps the line floating high in the water for better fly presentations.
  • DOUBLE MICRO LOOPS – All Exergy fly fishing lines include double welded micro loops on both the front and back of the line that make attaching backing and leaders quick and easy. Because of the small diameter of these loops, connections slide easily through the guides without hesitation that can be the cause of lost fish.
  • LASER PRINTING – Exergy fly fishing lines are all laser printed on the tip end of the line with the line weight, so you’ll never have to remember or guess as to which line is loaded on your reel or spool giving you total confidence that you’re are using the right line weight for your rod.
  • BIOSPOOL – KastKing has always been a Green Company that has fostered environmental sustainability. To meet that expectation, all KastKing fly fishing lines are spooled on our award winning, biodegradable BioSpool, which is made from wheat straw and unlike plastic spools, will decompose naturally to reduce landfill bulk. KastKing is a sponsor of Trout Unlimited and we proudly support the efforts of their 300,000 members nationwide to develop and restore natural trout habitat.
Best Choice No. 5
M MAXIMUMCATCH Maxcatch Weight Forward Floating Fly Line 100ft Yellow, Orange, Teal Blue, Moss Green (2F,3F,4F,5F,6F,7F,8F) (Moss Green, WF5F)
  • Outstanding Cost Effective Fly Line – Well worth the money for any fisher. To save the cost, we even saved the cost for a paper box and a plastic spool. This is also for protecting our environment. Since they are useless after you spooled the line on your reel. We offer this line with a cost price, just for letting more people to have a try for the experience of fly fishing
  • Delivers accuracy for any distance and skill level for all around fishing situation
  • High-tech PVC coating outside of the braided line ensures flotation and durability in any weather condition
  • Braided Core for lower memory and lower stretch for better Hook-up
  • Long head design allows for better line management and helps transfer energy more efficiently to the leader
Best Choice No. 6
Goture Fly Fishing Line Double Welded Loops Weight Forward Floating Fly Line Freshwater Saltwater Beginner Expert WF3F WF4F WF5F WF6F WF7F WF8F Ivory Olive Orange Gold Green Blue(Orange, WF5F)
  • DOUBLE WELDED LOOPS// The fly fishing lines with double welded micro loops on the front and back of the line for easy rigging make backing line and leader attachment quick and easy while holding up to repeated use.Double welded loops is made of dacron,make it great deal of strength and durable.
  • CAST ACCURATELY & STAY AFLOAT//The taper gives you excellent control even when throwing heavy streamers which you are able to cast accurately even if you’re casting from a long distance and is easy enough to do for anglers at any level of skill.The fishing line incorporates MaxFloat technology keep floating line sitting high on the water.
  • LOW MEMORY & HIGHER STRENGTH//The inside core is made of dacron braided line, lower memory and higher strength.With a low stretch braided core which give the line a high degree of stiffness, strength and elasticity as well which will give you’re line the best possible chance to perform exactly how you need it to. The surface of the line lowers friction and also makes it durable in harsh conditions.
  • BEST FLY LINE FOR THE BEGINNER AND EXPERT//Goture’s low-stretch ConnectCore technology provide crazy sensitivity to detect those slight bumps and subtle takes.Bright color will be highly visible in the water, making it very easy to use.Weight forward taper fly line, cast further and control easier; Floating line, track the line on the water surface all the time; bright color for choice (Ivory, Olive, Orange, Gold), easy to correct the cast misplay; Features above are ideal for beginner expert
  • CUSTOM DESIGNED LINES AVAILABLE// We can work with you to design lines according to your private specifications: fly line type, fly line taper, and fly line color, etc. 5 Pieces of Each Design (Min. Order)
SaleBest Choice No. 7
Scientific Anglers Air Cel Floating Lines, Yellow, WF- 5-F, Model Number: 103817
  • Package length: 13.97 cm
  • Package width: 11.938 cm
  • Package height: 2.54 cm
  • Product Type: FISHING LINE
Best Choice No. 8
RIO Products Fly Line Intouch Big Nasty Wf6F, Moss/Orange
  • The intouch big nasty is designed specifically to cast large and heavy flies with exceptional ease
  • The line is built on rio’s ultra-low stretch connections for the minimum of stretch and the maximum in performance, and features rio’s XS and agents technologies, as well as welded loops on both ends
  • All fly lines are made with pride in our Idaho Fall facility
  • The line features a short, powerful front taper that has no problem casting weighted streamer and large terrestrial patterns, and is heavier than the industry standard to load modern rods quickly
Best Choice No. 9
M MAXIMUMCATCH Maxcatch Fly Line Weight Forward WF2/3/4/5/6/7/8F 80-100F with 2 Welded Loop Special Design for Fly Fishing (Grand, WF8F)
  • Designed for Fast-action Rods – Heavier than the standard line, special designed head with more weight distributed on the front. For easier loading especially for fact action rods
  • Ultimate Floating line for Trout fly fisher – Casting far with accuracy. The best choice for modern fast action fly rod
  • PVC coating with special Softener added for super slick performance – the fly line slides easily thru rod guides and floats well in warm and even cold water. Slick coating shoot the line even further
  • Low Stretch Braided Core for high level Sensitivity and Hookset and also for better line mending. Dual Tone Color for better timing of loading the rod and better distance control. And the color definitely looks good on the water
  • Welded Decent Size Front and Back Loops make rigging changes much easier especially in cold water
SaleBest Choice No. 10
Rio Products Fly Fishing – Mainstream Trout Freshwater Fly Line
  • Slightly heavier than standard lines for easy loading

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