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Best Lab Thin Layer Chromatography TLC Plates

Best Choice No. 1
StonyLab Glass Backed TLC Classical Silica Gel Plate, 2.5 x 7.5 cm Thin Layer Chromatography Analytical Plate with Silica Gel, Pack of 80
  • Pack of 80, Glass backed TLC silica gel plate
  • Size: 2.5 x 7.5 cm
  • Layer thickness: 200 µm ± 30 µm
  • PH: 6.2 – 6.8
  • Made with unmodified silica gel and polymeric binder for adherent surface; Featured with high chemical resistance, high efficiency
Best Choice No. 2
Lab Thin Layer Chromatography TLC Plates P-1 Type Developing Tanks,Double Slot,Length × Height 100 × 200mm
  • High quality borosilicate glass materials, chemically stable, no chemical reaction with reagents
  • The bottom of the P-cylinder cylinder is flat, and it is formed by flat glass double right angle, which has good flatness and sealing
  • Beautiful shape, correct specifications, flat bottom, tight cover, easy to clean
  • Convenient, fast, good effect, high sensitivity
  • Perfect For Research Or Teaching Tasks
Best Choice No. 3
EMD Millipore 1.05750.0001 Plastic Backed TLC Classical Silica Plate, 200µm Thick Silica Gel 60 F254, 4cm Width, 8cm Length (Pack of 50)
  • Plastic-backed plate for use in thin-layer chromatography applications
  • Silica gel layer is 200 micrometers thick
  • Includes green fluorescent indicator for UV detection of colorless substances
  • Plates measure 4 x 8 cm (W x L)
Best Choice No. 4
TLC Plates Aluminium Backed Silica Gel 60 F254 20cm x 20cm (12/Box)
  • 【Easily Cut】 :Silica gel GF254, It contains both calcined gypsum and fluorescent agent. Diameter of 60 Å,It can be used to observe fluorescence under ultraviolet light with a wavelength of 254. The aluminum back can be easily cut open with scissors.
  • 【Good separation effect】: The spots are small and convenient for series analysis. The separation time is short, and more than 5 groups can be separated per minute.
  • 【High sensitivity】: The spots are clear, no spreading and no trailing. Large separation capacity. It’s suitable for thin layer scanning quantitative analysis.
  • 【Quick delivery】:After thorough inspection, the classic TLC silica plates was packed in the box and shipped by Amazon Storehouse. Soon the product will arrive.
  • 【We are dedicated in providing the best products and services to customers. If you encounter any problem, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will reply your e-mail in no more than 8 hours since we receive it, and we will help you solve the problem as soon as possible】
Best Choice No. 5
Glass TLC Plate Cutter up to 20cm Wide Thin Layer Chromatography General Glass Cutter w/Spare Blade AAdvance Instruments
  • 1. You may cut glass plates of up to 20 cm wide, and of any length.
  • 2. The white measuring plate can be removed, if your TLC plate happens to be too thick to fit (usually when cutting preparative TLC plates).
  • 3. The side screw fixed onto a turning-knob is for controlling the stop position of the scribbler, so that one can prevent the scribbler from cutting off of the glass plate and chipping off a small piece.
  • 4. Usually, start from the far side relative to the screw, and cut towards the screw.
  • 5. The cutter head can be replaced once it has become worn, which an extra spare is included in your purchase. More are available from us.
Best Choice No. 7
Analtech Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC) Plate Carrier, 10 Plate Capacity
  • Description: Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC) Plate Carrier, 10 Plate Capacity
  • Number Of Items: 1
Best Choice No. 8
TLC Plates Aluminum Backed Silica Gel 60 F254 10cm x 10cm 20/Box AAdvance Instruments
  • Classic TLC silica plates, GF254 (Silica gel with gypsum as binding agent, fluorescence background at 254nm), 60 Å pore size. Aluminum backed-easily cut by a pair of scissors.
  • 20 plates per box, 10cm x 10cm size.
  • What’s ideal is that these plates have neutral silica (pH 6-7) instead of the more common acidic silica (pH=5) for TLC silica plates. The neutral silica make the plates compatible with running compounds with an amino group even without the need of adding triethylamine. At the same time non-amino compounds behave the same as on acidic TLC plates.
  • Actual examples performed with the plates have been uploaded for users to see.
Best Choice No. 9
Analtech 50-02 Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC) Plate Holder, 25 Plate Capacity
  • Package Dimensions :10.56 ” L X8.01 ” W X3.6 ” H
  • Product Type :Lab Supply
  • Country Of Origin :United States
  • Package Weight :0.95Lbs
Best Choice No. 10
Classic Glass Preparative TLC PLC Plates Silica Gel 60 F254 1 or 2 mm Layer Thickness (1000 or 2000 μm/microns) 20 x 20 cm Size 8 or 6 Plates/Box AAdvance Instruments (1 mm, 8)
  • Classic Preparative TLC Plates. Silica Gel 60 F254 type. 20x20cm plate size, 1mm (1000μm) silica layer thickness. pH 6.2-6.8, particle size 10-40 μm, pore size 60 Å. 8 plates per box. Glass backed.
  • A test run separating dimethyl maleate and dimethyl fumerate has been performed and shown in photos.
  • 50mg of each compound (total mass 100mg), dissolved in a small amount mixture of hexane, acetone and dichloromethane was spotted onto the plate. The plate was eluted twice with hexane:acetone=15:1, giving a very good separation. While this is expected, this also indicated that depending on how far away each component band is on TLC, one can load material amounts of 100mg and more onto the plate since in the example the plates have not quite reached full capacity.
  • The preparative TLC method is an alternative to preparative HPLC. HPLC methods can be more expensive and when handled improperly, contamination can occur. Prep TLC is especially suitable for applications when there is relatively a small amount of sample, and purity requirements are high, and when at the same time the researcher is looking for a quick, convenient and economic way of purification.
  • Return Policy: Have peace of mind in shopping. Whether your purchase of this item is fulfilled by Amazon, or fulfilled by seller, you may return it within 30 days of receipt, as per Amazon policy.

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