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Best Kids’ Ride-On Replacement Parts

Best Choice No. 1
WSJ Steering Gearbox with Motor, RS280 12V Motor with Gear Box for Kids Ride On Car Steering Motor Accessory Match Children’s Electric Ride-Ons Replacement Parts
  • RS 280 12V Steering Gearbox with Motor
  • Grarbox is suitable for the Kids Ride on Car
  • Gearbox installation is simple, easy to replace
  • Buyers can learn the Model Number from the motor
  • Be careful your car voltage
Best Choice No. 2
FLHFULIHUA 12volt 6volt Accelerator Foot Pedal Reset-Control Switch for Kids Ride On Cars, Children Electric Ride On Toys Replacement Parts Black 6-pin Socket
  • Accelerator foot pedal reset-control switch for kids ride on cars
  • Brand new and high quality.Designed for special children’s electric vehicles
  • Item is easy to replace and is universal
  • The accessories have a 6-pin socket. The 2-pin socket can be used universally.
  • Please make sure the product size and appearance as the original one before purchase
Best Choice No. 3
FLHFULIHUA 2PCS Push Button Power Supply Switch Start Button Switch for ChildrenElectric Powered Wheel Replacement Parts Kids Ride-On Car Toys Accessory Self Locking Glowing with LED Light
  • Start stop button power supply switch for children electricride on toys accessory.
  • Push button switch is suitable for 6v or 12V kisd ride on car toys replacement parts.
  • 3PIN Latching/Self locking glowing red plastic push button switch with LED.
  • Package Include:2Pcs switch.
  • After-Sales Service:We provide 1month unconditional return policy.
Best Choice No. 4
Yellow Four-sided Socket JR-RX-12V Kids Powered Ride on car 2.4G Bluetooth Remote Control and Receiver Kit Controller Control Box Accessories for Children Electric Ride On Car Replacement Parts
  • JR-RX-12VB-HS 2. 4G Remote Control bluetooth receiver for kids powered ride on car
  • Model Number : JR-RX-12VB-HS
  • Please Make Sure the Purchased Part Has Same Appearance as the Original One
  • Product is Applied to Specific Children Riding Toys Pay attention to connectors
Best Choice No. 5
Wellye ( Model: TX 1 ) 2.4G Bluetooth Remote Control Remote Controller Transmitter Accessories for Kids Ride on Children Electric Ride On Toy Car Replacement Parts Match Control Box Receiver
  • Wellye ( MODEL : TX1 ) 2.4G Bluetooth Remote Control Transmitter White Match Control Box Receiver.Please Make Sure the Purchased Part Has Same Appearance as the Original One,Make sure the receiver is OK.
  • Please press the top white button ( 3-5 seconds ) to sync with your car.
  • Product is Applied to Specific Children Riding Toys Batteries are not included inside.The remote control is not universal. Please choose according to the original remote control or receiver. The remote control is only suitable for receivers with matching brand WEELYE or WELLYE.If you have any questions, please contact us.
  • Please long press the top white button to match frequency before use.
  • Please Make Sure the Purchased Part Has Same Appearance as the Original One. If “FCC CE” on Your Control Box Receiver, Then it’ not compatible.Then you can search ASIN:B082CW2HNP
Best Choice No. 6
weelye 2 Pcs Kids Ride On Car High Speed Low Speed Switch Accessories, Children’s Electric Powered Ride On Toys Car Replacement Parts
  • Kids ride on car high speed low speed switch is used in children ride on toy car
  • This switch is suitable for 6V 12V Children’s electric car
  • The part has 6 connectors, is easy to replace
  • language may be different from yours, but the function is the same
  • Package content : 2 x switch
Best Choice No. 7
Gear Shifter for Kid Trax Mercedes ML Dodge Ram 3500 Dodge Police Car Hulk UTV, Replacement Switch Parts for Children Ride On Car
  • Gear level shifter switch for Kid Trax children ride on car
  • This shifter assembly includes both the forward/reverse and the hi/low switch pre-installed.
  • Genuine Kid Trax replacement Shifter, fits lots of 12 Volt Dodge ride on made by Kid Trax
  • Compatibility: Kid Trax Mercedes ML / Dodge Ram 3500 / Dodge Police Car / Hulk UTV
  • The HLR shifter is a silver shifter with a black handle which can replace a damaged or cracked shifter, and is most commonly replaced due to bad shifter switches.
SaleBest Choice No. 8
Wire Harness Connector with Fuse for Kid Car Powered 12-Volt SLA Battery Kids Ride On Car Replacement Parts
  • A 25-AMP fuse (included) is installed on the harness and it is unreplaceable.
  • Use it to connect a 12 Volt SLA battery to your Kids Trax
  • The connector is 100% compatible with 12V ride-on toys
  • 12 Volt SLA battery not included ( you need to purchase a 12 Volt battery separately to use with the connector )
  • Before buying, please see if the interface connection part matches the stroller
Best Choice No. 9
Kids Ride On Car 27mhz Remote Control and 6V Receiver Kit, Controller Transmitter Control Box Accessories for Kids Ride On Car Replacement Parts
  • RC King 27mhz Remote Control and 6V Control Box
  • Parts are widely used in kids ride-ons
  • You need to know your car or toy whether it is 27MHZ remote control before buying
  • Pay attention to your car voltage
  • Batteries are not included inside
Best Choice No. 10
12 Volt 23000RPM Gearbox for Power Wheels Accessories, Kids Powered Ride On Car 12V Electric Motor with Gear Box RS550 Match Children Ride-Ons Replacement Parts
  • Kids Ride On Car 550 12V 23000RPM Drive Engine
  • Drive engine is made of high strength plastic board combined with high quality motor
  • Gearbox is suitable for the majority of kids ride on cars
  • This product is easy to replace and is universal
  • Buyers can learn the model number from the motor

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